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Our Principle

First of all, in the field of children's education, we must recognize the bright points of every child.

Every child has the ability of self-reflecting, thinking, discovering, imaging and expressing;

Every child is the protagonist during his/her whole life;

Every child has enormous potential;

The development of personality in children’s childhood is vital for cultivating their innovation ability and creative spirit. The future knowledge era is an era that requires a

large number of people with individualized talents, independent thinking skill and innovation ability. Hence, we should respect the differences of personality and encouragethem in their childhood.

Teaching Concept

In the practice of language education, we consider “topic discovering” as the main activity that is close to a child’s mind, aiming to create a relaxing learning environment and a child-centered course system. By ramifying the topic, children can get a comprehensive understanding of knowledge while infiltrating the concept of cultivating perfect personality into various parts of teaching.

The design of the curriculum also propagandizes the spirit of “freedom”, “respect” and “equality”, and guides children to form correct values and world horizon and to cultivate the children’s international vision and confidence, which will make a long-term influence on the child’s physical and mental health, especially their personality.

According to children’s physical and mental development and through the lingual expression emphasizing the “tolerance spirit” and “harmonious interaction”, the teacher will stress “cooperation”,“participation”, “interaction”, and “communication” in the teaching process and will not suppress the child's nature of exploration. We have to let children fully explore their abilities in order to stimulate the children's potential and cultivate the children’s emotional intelligence.