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What is IEC teaching program

China has a civilization with a history of over 5,000 years, but only experienced reform and opening up more than forty years ago. Most Chinese people had access to the world outside China later than other countries, and English as an internationally spoken language was known and learn then, which led to the low level of English of most Chinese people. Although currently in China students start learning English at an early age, it is only used as a subject for exams and not as a language for communication. Traditional English education methods is unable to improve the low level of English communication comprehensible understanding skills of learners, and the fill-in-the-blank approach to learning English only leads to mechanical learning and a lack of flexibility and independent thinking. To change this, excellent ESL teachers and a well-developed ESL teaching system are required.

Intercultural Education Program (hereafter as IEC) aims to improve the English language learning environment for young learners from ordinary families by providing and training excellent ESL teachers for different types of schools.

The founder of our program has travelled the world and met young people from many different countries, whose intelligence, love of life and sense of social responsibility she can relate to. She has been able to interact with them and learn that they are eager to work and learn to improve their abilities, expand their horizons and gain insights, which will be benefited to the educational system in China. Thus, a program of intercultural education has been set up. The core of the program is to provide an excellent ESL learning atmosphere with excellent foreign English teachers in the form of English classes, art classes, music classes, drama classes and physical education classes. IEC will cover airfare, work visa, accommodation, insurance, transportation, monthly cultural exchange activities and professional training during the program time.

IEC would love to welcome young people come to China to spend 10 months experiencing the sights and food, the customs and traditions of China, and to learn about Chinese traditional and modern culture, and to use your love and enthusiasm to help young learners open up new horizons in language learning. At the same time, IEC hopes that this program will become a bridge between Chinese culture and the world's cultures.

Enrich Your Experience with Your Discovery in China

Experience one of the most exiting places - not as a tourist, become a local! Cultural and language immersion are important parts of all of our programs.


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10 months

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8 Hours

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Yes, experience the local life like a local!!!

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