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Why Do This Project? What's the Significance of Doing So?

You can…
help all the families' children have equal education.
give people from different countries have a deeper understanding of China.
provide international cultural exchange opportunities and build up a multicultural world

What Are the Requirements to Apply for The Program?

Basic requirements:
• Native English speaker.
• Have graduated with a university diploma or be currently enrolled in college courses.
• Willing to be trained.
• Have a kind heart for kids.
Following qualities will be primarily considered:
• Degree in Education as a major.
• Teaching experience.
• Other work & internship experience.

Can People without Teaching Experiences Apply?

Once you have passed the interview, we will provide systematic training courses for every candidate.

Why Does This Program Last Four to Five Months?

When each Chinese academic semester starts and ends depends on the time of each Lunar New Year which is different in every year. Usually, we say four to five months for one academic semester.
Spring semester: mid-February to the end of July.
Fall semester: early September to mid-January.
Summer school: July to August.

How Long Does it Take to Apply for This Project?

Around 3 months.

When can I have an interview after I submit my resume?

Responses will be given within 48 hours after the resume is received.

After I have passed the interview, when will I get the application form?

After the interview, we will send out the application form within 2 working days which need to be submitted within 5 working days for the offer.

When should I apply for the Visa?

After getting the offer, the Visa will be applied for within 5 working days. The approval time is usually 15 working days.]

Should I pay for the flight tickets?

We will pay for the round-trip flight!

How much do we need to prepare for living expenses in China each month?

The company covers all the living expenses of every foreign teacher, including food, accommodations, transportation, insurance, mental health consultation, and weekend activities.

How many hours do we need to work on weekdays?

6 Hours per day. From 7:30 to 11:30 in the morning. 2 hours in the afternoon ( 15:00-17:00).

Do we only teach English in class?

You will teach kids everything by English.

How many weekends will have arranged activities?

We will arrange three cultural exchange activities on weekends every month; the event schedule and introduction will be sent to everyone in advance.

What are the activities on the weekend?

Museums, temples, calligraphy, painting, mahjong, Chinese zither, dance, martial arts, food, tea ceremony, ancient architecture, corporate visits, homestay, Chinese classes, etc.; the goal of the activities is to let everyone enjoy leisure time in China and fully understand the history, culture, economy, and humanities of China.

How will meals and accommodations be arranged?

The school you teach for will provide the breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
They also provide clean and safe dorms for teachers; each room will be shared by two persons.

I am vegetarian, how should my meal be arranged?

We will offer vegetarian meals for you.

How many people speak English in China?

Not many. Each school we will arrange a Daily Life Manager to assist the teachers in communicating with the school. There also will be a TA who can speak English in every class.

How to deal with cultural conflicts?

• Communicate with the Daily Life Manager and ask for help.
• Communicate with training instructors (training instructors are foreigners who have lived in China for many years).
• Communicate with the US PM for help.

What should I do when I feel stressed living in an unfamiliar environment?

• Communicate with the Daily Life Manager.
• Communicate with training instructors (training instructors are foreigners who have lived in China for many years).
• Communicate with our company manager (apply for job adjustments; or switch to another school).
• Communicate with a mental health counselor.

Is there safe living environment in China?

Chinese citizens are not allowed to carry guns or weapons, so the society is safer than the US. You can walk outside at night, and there are many people outside eating night food or enjoying other entertainment. However, you should still take care of your own stuff when walking in crowded places. Call "110" whenever you need help - theChinese police is really helpful.

Are Chinese people hostile with foreigners?

No. Sometimes you might find that Chinese people are curious about your different appearance - as long as you are friendly, you will be very welcome.

How is the teacher's rights and interests in China guaranteed?

The company will buy health and accident insurance for all the teachers.
The company has signed long-term cooperative agreements with authoritative hospitals, lawyers, and psychological counselors so that you can consult at any time.

Will I get paid?

As It is an internship and non-profit program, all the costs are covered by us. At same tine, you will get the basic standard salaries to pay for extra expenses.

Can I go back to my home country during the semester?

Yes, but we need to know the reason and you are required to send a report to your client manager, Once the documents are approved, you can go home, but the ticket cost needs to be paid by yourself.

In what status will we go to China?

Working Visa.

Does the company provide an internship certificate?

The company will issue the certificate, but it may not be recognized by all schools or companies. If necessary, we can assist the teacher to write a recommendation letter.

Can I still stay in China after this one semester?

Yes, we will recommend suitable jobs based on your performance.