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Training During Internship


Once certified, in order to be a qualified teacher, candidates will be trained in education concepts and practical ability.

1. Teachers will be trained about living in China before going to China.

2. Teachers will be trained in teaching concepts and teaching methodbeforehand in order to help them adapt quickly to their new environment.

3. The teaching and research seminar will be held once every month in order to improve teachers’ teaching skills and improve their working efficiency.

Training will be divided into several steps as follows:

• Two hours of online courses and the introduction of the course syllabus;

• Two hours of Chinese culture training;

• Two hours of professional teacher training;

This training will be completed before going abroad.

After arriving, teachers will participate in collective training for two days before taking classes, which will include:

• Training of teaching method;

• Training of content arrangement;

• Matters needing attention before and after class;

• Daily routine and its emergency channel;

• Work arrangement and its emergency channel;

A weekly work report and training are required every week. 

Both local and foreign teachers will hold academic meetings by mid-term, and everyone will make a short presentation to share with all about what you gained from these days at the end of each semester.