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Can I apply if I am not a citizen of South Africa, the United States, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Australia, Ireland, Jamaica, or Canada?

The Chinese government only accepts applications from individuals holding passport from South Africa, the United States, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Australia, Ireland, Jamaica, or Canada, as they are considered native countries for legal English teaching positions in China.

Can I apply if I have a diploma or honors but no bachelor's degree?

The Chinese government requires candidates to hold or be in the process of obtaining a Bachelor's, Master's, or PH.D. degree in order to qualify for a legal work visa to work in China.

Can I apply if I do not have a passport or a TEFL certificate yet?

Yes, you can still apply even if you are awaiting the issuance of your passport or TEFL certificate.

Can I apply if I do not have obtained my degree yet?

Yes, you can apply while you are still studying for your degree.

Can I apply if I am currently studying and will graduate next year?

You are welcome to apply at any time, even if you are still studying.If you meet all the other requirements, IEC will send you a conditional offer. Once you have obtained your degree, you will receive a formal offer letter from IEC.

Can I apply if my nationality is not one of the native countries mentioned above, but I have a bachelor's degree from one of those countries?

Unfortunately, you cannot apply in that case. The Chinese government only considers the country which issues your passport for the purpose of determining eligibility.

Where can I study TEFL? Should I go to any university to study it?

For TEFL certificate, you just need to study online, usually it takes around 3-4 weeks to finish online. Please study TEFL from below 3 online organizations that IEC suggested:
The International
TEFL Organization

Teach TEFL Language School


Where can I study TEFL? Do I need to attend a university for it?

You can pursue a TEFL certificate through online courses. Usually, it takes approximately 3-4 weeks to complete an online 120 hours TEFL program. IEC suggests studying TEFL from the following three online organizations:
●The International TEFL Organization (Website:
●Teach TEFL Language School (Website:
●I to I TEFL (

What costs do I need to cover for the application process?

You will need to budget approximately R5,000 to cover the costs of the following documents:
●Authentication of your degree
●TEFL certificate (if required) and authentication copy
●Police Clearance Certificate and authentication copy

Should I study TEFL first and then apply?

It is recommended to apply first. Once you receive an offer from IEC, you can begin studying for your TEFL certificate. There is no need to wait before applying.

Can I apply if I am not a recent graduate?

You are welcome to apply as long as you are between the ages of 20 and 45, hold a bachelor's degree, and are a citizen of one of the native countries mentioned.

Can I stay in China after completing the program?

Yes, after completing the 2 Chinese semesters (est. 10 to 11 months) program, you have the option to return to your home country or remain in China. If you choose to stay, you can continue working with IEC at the same school or transfer to another school. IEC will provide assistance based on your decision.

What are the benefits of participating in this program? What is its underlying purpose?

Engaging in this program offers the advantage of obtaining legal employment and facilitating travel to another country under the guidance of a reputable organization. It serves as a platform for expanding one's global perspective and acquiring valuable international work experience. Furthermore, it allows individuals to make a meaningful impact on Chinese students by facilitating their English language learning journey and fostering cultural appreciation.

What are the requirements for program application?

Applicants are required to possess a bachelor's degree or higher.
Applicants must hold a TEFL certificate.
Applicants must have a clean criminal record.
Applicants should demonstrate a willingness to learn.
Applicants should exhibit a strong passion for teaching.
Applicants should be adaptable.

The following majors will be given primary consideration:
A major in Art.
A major in Music.
A major in Drama.
A major in Physical Education.

How can I submit an application for this program?

Please access the following link to obtain the Application Guidance:

Will the school conduct an interview with me?

The decision to conduct interviews varies. Some schools may request an interview with our candidates, while others will authorize IEC to conduct the interview.

Will IEC provide training?

Yes, IEC will provide comprehensive training due to the fact that many of our candidates lack a Chinese educational background and teaching experience. This training includes Pre-departure online training, Pre-job training upon arrival in China, as well as ongoing training and support throughout the program.

How many hours do I need to work on weekdays?

The maximum working hours on weekdays should not exceed 8 hours. Saturdays and Sundays are usually considered rest days.

Will we only teach English in classes?

You will be teaching various subjects in English to young learners.

Who will cover the cost of the flight ticket?

IEC will provide a one-way flight ticket from your country of residence to China. However, you have the option to purchase a return ticket yourself using the completion bonus of RMB 4,000.

How much should I prepare for living expenses in China each month?

Essentially, you need not prepare any extra funds, as IEC will cover the expenses related to work visa, accommodation, meals at work, insurance, necessary daily supplies upon arrival, teaching assistance, monthly activities, and salary. However, it is advisable to have some funds available for your personal expenses, such as shopping and entertainment, based on your lifestyle preferences.

What kinds of monthly activities will be available?

The monthly activities will include immersions in Chinese traditional and modern culture, exploration of different local cuisines, and experiences of local life.

How should I handle culture shock?

It is recommended that you communicate your feelings to your mentor. Additionally, you should make an effort to learn about the history and culture of the country. Building relationships with Chinese friends can also be helpful.

Is China a safe place to live?

Yes, China is currently considered one of the safest countries to live, with a very low crime rate.

When will I be expected to go to China?

Once you receive the Z-visa issued by the Chinese Visa Service Centre in your country, you are expected to travel to China within a week or two.

Can I return to my home country during the program?

Yes, you are allowed to leave during the program term once your application has been approved by the school and IEC. However, any expenses incurred will be your responsibility.

When should I begin preparing for the documents to apply for the Chinese work visa?

You should start preparing the documents as soon as you sign the Program Agreement with IEC.

How long does the work visa application process take?

The process typically takes around 3-4 months for document collection, followed by 7 working days to apply for the work visa at the Chinese Visa Service Application Centre in your country of residence.

Does IEC provide a certificate upon program completion?

Yes, IEC will provide all teachers with a certificate to recognize their excellent performance, as well as a recommendation letter for their future careers, demonstrating their achievements during the program term.